Good day Residents! Below are a few helpful hints to help with your yard:


Wild Bermuda Grass

This Grass is in most yards in the State of Florida. It cannot be controlled for two reasons: The roots are about 8 to 24 inches deep and there is no chemical available for safe use to penetrate that deep to kill it, plus the Florida Department of Agriculture regulates what we can use.


Basket Grass

You will see this weed under your trees because they like the shade. The best way to treat this is to trim your trees and allow sunlight and it will burn away Basket Grass



Irrigation Spot

Make sure your home has a rain sensor that works. Only water two days per week and when we are getting a lot of rain, turn your system off allowing your yard to dry out. Excess water causes fungus and must be treated, continuing to water too much will not allow the fungicide that we use to work.

Note: if your grass has fungus, do not apply any type of fertilizer until the fungus has been sprayed and killed, as fertilizer will activate the fungus and cause it to spread.


Dog Urine & Poop

Dog Urine Spots in Yard

We have seen spots in several yards that is a result of dog urine.


Dry Spots

Dry Spots in Yard

There are dry spots in some of the homes where all grass is not getting equal coverage. lf this is happening, please call Cross Cut and they will be able to give you an estimate.


Dollar Weed & Mushrooms


Mushrooms in Lawn

If you see dollar weed or mushrooms in your yard, that is a sign of too much water. The best way to treat this is to turn your water off for a couple off weeks and it will dry up and the mushrooms and dollar weed will go away.


 So many times, these issues are usually assumed as a water issue and turning the irrigation on only makes it worse. Please call us at (863)-
439-6550 or email us a picture so we can help identify the problem.

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