Garrison Property Services has put together a very knowledgeable, dedicated and friendly staff that will go out of their way to promptly respond and communicate to homeowners. Our Management Team is completely accessible to all. We have a hands on, get out and look at the property approach. We believe strongly that it is our job to facilitate the management of your community on behalf of the Board of Directors, with the end goal always being to improve the quality of the community.


We understand that each community is different and believe the service you receive should match the needs of YOUR community. We offer multiple management options or accounting services. Our unparalleled experience gives us the industry knowledge to ensure that we provide services that truly are affordable.

Our name stands for quality service and satisfied clients. Please consider the following services we provide:

  • Full Service Accounting/Bookkeeping.1


  • On-line Payment Option.


  • Exemplary customer service to both Boards and residents. Every call is important to us.


  • Qualified, Knowledgeable, Experienced and Licensed Managers.


  • Qualified, Knowledgeable and Experienced Staff.


  • A team that you can trust and is ready to help with any task.


  • Regular analysis of income and expense.


  • Financial Planning.


  • Regular and consistent community visits and property inspections.


  • Website accessibility for all; your community can see and obtain a vast amount of information: monthly financials, budgets, meeting minutes, forms, documents, calendar of events, etc.