Banking: Management shall receive, deposit, disburse and account for all Association funds.

Deposits: Management shall deposit funds received directly into the Associations bank account.

Assessments: Management will process or assist with assessment coupon notices.

Members Accounts: Management will kept record of owner data on behalf of the Association.

Accounts Payables: Management will process association invoices weekly.

1099 Forms: 1099 Forms will be issued annually to applicable vendors.

Financial Reports: Board shall receive Financial Reports on or before the twenty (20th) day of the preceding month and post balance and income & expense report to web-site, if applicable.

Annual Financial Review: Management will provide CPA year-end accounting records.

Budgets: Management/CAM will assist the Board with financial budgeting and planning.

Amenities: Management shall track the assignment of gate access and recreational access to pool(s), park(s), clubhouse, parking spaces, etc.; if applicable.

Bulk Mail-outs: Management will assist with bulk mail-outs for amendments, membership and budget meetings, assessment coupons, etc.

Exterior Alteration Applications: Management shall process, forward and respond to homeowner’s exterior alternation applications based on the Committee/Board decisions.

Lease/Renters Information: Management will obtain copies of leases, and input tenant information, if required by the Association’s governing documents or Board policy.

Official Records: Management shall maintain the official records of the Association for 7 years.

Web-site: Management shall provide web-site posting of budgets, financials, meeting notices, community activities, etc., upon Board approval.


Management/CAM will act as a liaison between legal counsel and the Association on behalf of the Board as determined by the governing documents, policies and/or resolutions of the Board.

Late Notices: Management shall issue assessment “Late Notice” by US First Class mail to any member of the Association that becomes delinquent.

Intent-to-Lien/Final (“ITL”) Notice: Management shall issue “Intent-to-Lien” letters upon Board authorization and according to Florida Statute.

Approved Assessment Payment Plans: Management will monitor payment plans.

Legal Assessment Collection: Management/CAM will monitor legal collection files, update homeowner file, provide monthly report to the Board, and assist attorney when applicable.



Management will respond to the closing agents estoppel request through


The affairs of the Association shall be executed in accordance with the Association’s recorded Articles of Incorporation, By-laws, and Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, and amendments, applicable State Statutes, County, and City Ordinances, any & all official resolutions and policy & procedures adopted by the Board and/or Membership, as well as legal opinions.

Property Inspections: CAM will visit the property on a regular basis; min. once a month.

Board Meetings: CAM will attend three meetings of the Board of Directors and one Annual Meeting of the Association; additional meetings can be requested.

Liaison on Behalf of Board: CAM shall be the liaison for the Association’s on behalf of the Board of Directors when assisting association members, developers, contractors, vendors, governmental agencies, attorneys, etc.

Covenant Enforcement: CAM shall assist with the enforcement of Covenants, Rules & Regulations as authorized by the governing documents. Upon approval, noncompliance files fill be forward to legal counsel of the association.

Mediation/Litigation/Court Hearings: CAM will attend mediation, deposition, and court hearings and assist association legal counsel when applicable.

Contractor: CAM will obtain copies of contractor license and insurance, including Worker’s Compensation; if applicable.

Insurance Claims: CAM will report and assist on insurance claims.


Management/CAM will ensure proper care and appearance of the association common property on behalf of the Board of Directors for the community.

Monitor Projects: Management/CAM will assist in the supervision of maintenance employees, and monitor board approved project for the association.

Bids/Proposals/Quotes: Management/CAM will obtain competitive bids.

Service Work Orders: Management/CAM will issue work orders, upon Board approval.